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This Review Reveals Minor Details About the Plot.

You've Been Pranked!

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Plot Overview

boy and girl on
computergraduatesIt's just turned April and high school seniors in the L.A. burbs are anticipating their upcoming graduation. Brady Mannion (Garrett Clayton) being 18 has joined the Marines (“Ship out right after graduation”) but has yet to tell his folks. He's visiting his best friend Sam Fuller (Gregg Sulkin) on a rainy week­end, whose parents are away. They are going through pizza & beer, Sam having put off studying for a history exam. Their friend Jeff Mosley (Jack Brett Anderson) delivered an anchovy pizza by mistake so they get another delivery, this one from Sam's vacillating girl­friend Peyton Grey (Bella Dayne.) They decide to play their habitual phone pranks to upload to their friend Roy (Edward Killing­back)'s website. It's just another day in paradise except a past oopsie is about to catch up with them.

Those pranks may not have been as anonymous as they'd supposed. As best­selling author David Baldacci writes:

rotating earthThe super-thick steel walls had been supple­mented by a copper coating. That measure, along with tons of dirt over­head, protected against prying electronic ears lurking in space and else­where. These men didn't particularly like coming to this under­ground room. It was inconvenient, and ironically, it seemed far too James Bondish even for their admittedly cloak-and-dagger tastes. How­ever, the truth was the earth was now encircled with so much advanced surveillance technology that virtually no conver­sation taking place on its surface was safe from interception. (2)

man on phoneA prank phone call from the previous year had ticked off some dude who is calling for pay­back. He's had time to find out all he needs to know about them, and he's out for blood. The Web is wide open, the house is insecure, the parents are away, the neighbors mind their own business, the only weapons they have are kitchen knives, they can't call the police on their hacked cell phones, and they've got no street smarts or martial arts training. Bummer!


The man of mystery goes by Mr. Lee. The student of proverbs has a leg up on figuring him out. (Prov. 26:18-19) “As a mad man who casteth fire­brands, arrows, and death, so is the man that deceiveth his neighbour, and saith, Am not I in sport?” The “casted fire­brands” here would be a click of the mouse to send an electrical impulse to the computer deleting a friends request from Izzy (Connie Wilkins) a daddy's girl whom we see, once her deleted request is opened up, is looking forward to her dad's return. If he comes back from his business trip to find her kaput on account of some prank, that might rile him up, I would say.

ole glorysleeping womanMr. Lee (Parker Sawyers) we see is dressed in a string tie and a checkered shirt. He's not white collar, more a nuts and bolts kind of guy. On the phone Mr. Lee (voiced by Philip Desmueles) admires the American flag in Sam's yard. He's a patriot, believes in the second amendment, would have left his wife (Sienna Guillory) a means to protect her­self when he's away. In Bible days that might be bow and arrows, in modern L.A. a loaded hand­gun. It's a sad fact that if there's a gun in the house, all too often its owner awakens at night thinking she heard an intruder and shoots a family member who was bumbling around unexpectedly.

tombstoneMr. Lee tells his targeted teens his goal is to make them grieve over the loss of their loved ones just as he had over the death of his.

Production Values

” (2016) was directed by Alexis Wajsbrot and Damien Macé. It was written by Joe Johnson. It stars Gregg Sulkin, Garrett Clayton and Bella Dayne. The stupid and misguided teens they played came across very realistically, Mr. Lee the stuff of nightmares.

MPA rated it R for disturbing violence, and language including sexual references. The teens had all too typical potty mouth. The camera angles and changes of focus were a real trip. The Internet shots were self-explanatory. The settings were after dark, best viewed in subdued room lighting. The dialogue was pretty easy to under­stand. The pace was well timed. Runtime is 1 hour 23 minutes.

Review Conclusion w/a Christian's Recommendation

This was better than your average slasher movie, less sex and more thought. Pranks going awry is nothing new but now computer dangers are part of it. This will do for a horror movie.

Movie Ratings

Action factor: Well done action flick. Suitability For Children: Not Suitable for Children of Any Age. Special effects: Well done special effects. Video Occasion: Good for a Rainy Day. Suspense: Don't watch this movie alone. Overall movie rating: Four and a half stars out of five.

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